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Keith Langridge. A safe pair of hands with 30 years ICT Service and Project Delivery.

Hello, my name is Keith, Keith Langridge and I am the Managing Director of F1Group Microsoft and bring you over 30 years experience in ICT service and project delivery in all sizes of organisations and markets.

About me

I am a family man and you will often see me camping with the kids and now grandkids, but motorcycles are my passion and I have traveled around the world on them as well as racing in both the world superbike series and Isle of man TT.

Together we achieve your goals

Either you set the outcome and I will build the path, or together we create the vision and goals for the ICT in your organisation.

Your Sanity Check

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    7 Things that make us unique

    1) We genuinely care because we are a family business of 20 years (est 1995)

    2) We want to hear from you and will share our personal use contact details

    3) You only deal only with one company because Microsoft tell us we are the No #1 Company for the scope of expertise in our region

    4) We we bring you new perspectives, ideas and real solutions to your problems because working with lots of organisations we have probably experienced it

    5) We fix your problems quicker because our friendly skilled technicians are absolutely “Up-to-date” by attending our own premises Microsoft technical training college

    6) Right first time on your ICT project because we train your ICT team in new technology and then deploy in partnership utilising our in-house Microsoft Certified Trainers

    7) We don’t speak technical babble because we wouldn’t want you to speak back to us using your industry acronyms!

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    Are we right for each other?

    The most important thing to us is that we look after you and deliver on our promises so we want to ensure we are the right fit for each other before we start.

    So upfront as long as your a business that is mainly Microsoft then perfect, if your not sure please ring me, and I will tell you up-front.

    We are ideally located for Traditional ICT Support in :-

    Lincolnshire (30 secs remote and based in Lincoln)
    Nottinghamshire (30 secs remote to 13 mins by car)
    Leicestershire (30 secs remote to 29 mins by car)
    South Yorkshire (30 secs remote to 41 mins by car)
    Rutland (30 secs remote to 41 mins by car)

    By using remote technology we can be on your desktop in 30 seconds

    Full UK personal service for Consultancy, High End Project Work, 3rd line Remote Support and Cloud Computing

    Many organisations realise that a remote response, reduces costs and improves the speed of resolution
    There is nothing we like better than looking you in the eye, shaking your hand and telling you we will look after you, because we always deliver on our promises.

    After our initial meeting we normally use technology to elimate travel time and make the relationship mutually cost effective by using Skype for Business Video Confrensing and Remote control software.

    And then I still get to look you in the eye but from my desk in beautiful Lincolnshire and often get to sit down for a meal with my kids at 6:30pm.

Typical examples of what we have done to help organisations like yours:

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    Fixing your costs with cloud computing.

    Moving to the cloud for any organisation delivers fixed costs, reduced risk and guaranteed uptime. It is also a monthly cost model so is ideal for organisations that like the instant flexibility to support large changes in user numbers. The safest path is often a staged Hybrid Cloud solution where some of your services stay on premise and some move to your Cloud partner.
    We did this for Hodgson Elkington their exchange server is on the Microsoft cloud and the rest is on premise, we even look after the ICT support of both.
    Certain businesses can be moved completely to the Microsoft Cloud, we did this for Unison in Lincolnshire and support their cloud installation on their behalf.
    Some people just need training on supporting and deploying a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud, we did this for Lincoln Universities ICT Team.

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    Enabling you to have a flexible mobilised workforce

    • Enabling internal systems to be accessible outside including mobile phones and tablets.

    • Unified Communication and Collaboration with staff, customers and suppliers with Microsoft Skype for Business (Formally Lync) find out more…

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    Is the direction of your new ICT project right?

    Often Key ICT staff have good intentions, but are often loyal to traditional comfortable approaches and often don’t have the understanding of where the industry is going and what is around the corner. We can give you independent impartial advice and assurance that you are on the right path.
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    Partnering your ICT team to deliver projects

    Often starting with training your ICT staff with new technology, we undertake your project in partnership, so you can be assured it is has been configured and setup by someone who has done it many times before and your ICT team understand it for ongoing support. One of our most regular project requests is to remove expensive VMWare and Citrix licensing costs by moving completly to a Microsoft platform which now has the VMWare and Citrix technology built in.
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    You need that new project implementing and don't have the resource

    You no longer need to wait for your ICT resource to be available or for the skill-set to be in place before your business gets the benefit of new systems.
    We undertake and then hand back your next ICT project on a fixed budget and within agreed timescales by using our experienced implementation team.

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    Reducing costs whilst increasing your available resource with Outsourced ICT

    If you prefer not to have all the layers of your ICT support in house or when a critical skillset leaves your organisation, we can provide you either stop gap or long term solutions to resourcing your ICT.

    As you know, in ICT, you generally have three levels of technical staff and a Manager role for your team. 1st Line Support for the easiest issues to 3rd line support for the most difficult problems, we can fill any of those gaps on a permanent or temporary basis.

    Why not build a relationship with an organisation which understands that your needs change and promises to be flexible with you?

    You may:-
    • need holiday or illness cover for your critical resource.
    • want to reduce your biggest costs by outsourcing just your most expensive 3rd line resource whilst keeping your own in-house 1st and 2nd line teams.
    • need an experienced interim ICT Manager to set strategies, training and best practice and ensuring your ICT team delivers to agreed targets.
    • require to outsource your complete ICT to control costs for a fixed period of time.
    • want us to employ and take over ICT staff and reorganise, redeploy and make them more efficient to deliver cost savings to your organisation



Thank you very much for all of the help that you provided with our core services switchover. Thanks to you your experience, your skills and professionalism, the Switchover has gone extremely well and I am very happy with the results.

Gavin McIntosh
ICT Systems Manager Branston Community Academy

Our long term relationship with the F1 Group and their introduction of new technologies into our schools has enabled me to actually reduce our IT spend whilst increasing out availability and network speed, the partnership works, we are very pleased with the results and it has far exceeded our expectations

Adam Veater
IT Manager , Kisimul Schools Group

Just a very quick note to pass on my huge thanks to Tyler at F1, he is so helpful and obliging - he was able to sort within a flash. Please do pass on my thanks for being so helpful and obliging at all times, and we know there has been a few!

Sue Tomlinson
Unison Lincolnshire

If anyone called me I would tell them that the F1 Group provide us with great support and would thoroughly recommend them.

Tim Shaw
Partner , Hodgson Elkington