Get your ICT out of deep water


Matt Pickles, Keeping your ICT out of deep water.

Hello, my name is Matt, Matt Pickles and I am a director at F1Group Microsoft and I am personally responsible for businesses up to 25 users.

About me

I am a family man with three amazing children under five years, so my life is spent either working or juggling kid’s parties, swimming club or anything else a busy parent has to do. Because of these time pressures I need access to my business systems from everywhere and the City of Lincoln Academy swimming pool cafe is where I most often catch up on work.

Consistent, reliable, safe and secure ICT with an amazing support team, that’s an absolute given…

Yes we absolutely do the bread and butter ICT that everybody else offers, we just do it differently….

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    7 Things that make us different

    1) We genuinely care because we are a family business of 20 years (est 1995)
    2) We want to hear from you and will share our personal use contact details
    3) You only deal with one company because Microsoft tell us we are the No #1 Company for the scope of expertise in our region
    4) We bring you new perspectives, ideas and real solutions to your problems because working with lots of organisations I have probably experienced it
    5) We fix your problems quicker because our friendly skilled technicians are absolutely “Up-to-date” by attending our own Microsoft technical training college
    6) You only deal only with one company because we are multi disciplined and can look after all your ICT
    7) We don’t speak technical babble because we wouldn’t want you to speak back to us using your industry acronyms!
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    Are we right for each other?

    The most important thing to us is that we look after you and deliver on our promises so we want to ensure we are the right fit for each other before we start.

    So upfront as long as you’re a business that is mainly Microsoft then perfect, if you’re not sure please ring us, we will tell you up-front.

    We are ideally located for support in:-

    • Lincolnshire (30secs remote and based in Lincoln)
    • Nottinghamshire (30secs remote to 13mins by car)
    • Leicestershire (30 secs remote to 29mins by car)
    • South Yorkshire (30 secs remote to 41mins by car)
    • Rutland (30 secs remote to 41mins by car)

    By using remote support technology we can be on your desktop in 30 seconds.

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    Are we cost effective?

    Fixed Price Agreements

    We have a range of fixed cost support agreements that are tailored to fit most small businesses budgets which are on monthly easy payment plans.

    Pay per Hour

    We may charge a little more per hour than a small IT company, but when you have a problem our super qualified and experienced technicians fix things a lot quicker. In fact we are probably cheaper if you work it out on a cost per fix basis.

    So what’s best value to you?

ICT “Response Times” are worthless, here’s our “Time to Fix” stats

4237 Issues logged this period
80.36% Fixed within 2 hours
93.41% Fixed the same business day
99.15% Fixed within 30 days

Never again deal with multiple ICT suppliers

I take complete ownership of your whole network and everything that runs on it, I can do this because my technical team have the depth of understanding even with market specific software so I can own your problem and liaise with 3rd party suppliers on your behalf.

It’s not just about the technology…

…I will show you how ICT can be used most effectively to achieve your business goals, technology is just a tool to make you money or make you more efficient. Full Stop.

We lose money, if you move to the cloud

Why would your ICT provider, who makes money supporting your systems even think of transferring you to something that could reduce your spend and dependence on them?

We think differently, if a particular part of your ICT is cost effective and right to move to the cloud, we will migrate it and then support it.

We did this for Hodgson Elkington with their email and calendars and connected them to the cloud managed by F1Group Microsoft with the rest of their systems on premise. We look after and support both and the brilliant thing is that user’s just don’t notice the difference.

Certain businesses can be moved completely to the Cloud, we did this for Unison in Lincolnshire managed entirely by F1 Group Microsoft.

Some people just need training on Microsoft Cloud, we did this for Lincoln Universities ICT Team.

Did you know: – The Microsoft cloud supported by F1Group starts at same price as having the technical knowhow and going it alone with Microsoft?


Ultimately - as long as we are ready to go on Monday I will be shouting my praises to all who will listen!, many thanks.

Ian Robinson
CIS Manager , Inzpire Ltd

How?.........nah, don't answer that. I'll just pay Paul the bill, start the support contract and resign myself to my dismal recognition of failure.

Melior Solutions
Melior Solutions

Just a very quick note to pass on my huge thanks to Tyler at F1, he is so helpful and obliging - he was able to sort within a flash. Please do pass on my thanks for being so helpful and obliging at all times, and we know there has been a few!

Sue Tomlinson
Unison Lincolnshire

If anyone called me I would tell them that the F1 Group provide us with great support and would thoroughly recommend them.

Tim Shaw
Partner , Hodgson Elkington