The Headteacher’s ICT friend


Craig Tomlinson, music man and Headteacher’s ICT friend

Hi I’m Craig, Craig Tomlinson, I have a wonderful job because I look after primary headteachers just like you; ensuring your ICT works the way you want it too.

About me

As a family man, I am the proud father of two boys who attend local schools and that’s not to mention the amazing children that I am looking forward to getting involved with as a new foster carer.
My eldest son is doing his options, his ambition is to become a science teacher, which is a much better than wanting to follow in David Beckham footsteps! However I can take some of the blame as i am Welton Under 15’s team coach and an avid Forest supporter.

I am also an Apple lover working for a Microsoft focused company, so spend lots of time with Headteachers getting the most out of their iPad’s.

I love to make plans with Headteacher’s

Plans are great and governors adore them. I enjoy getting together and creating a mid term plan for your ICT. Its a journey and you don’t have to stick to it, but it’s great to see things “ticked-off-the-list” so you can see real progress.

I can also help you budget, finance and make good long term decisions, by carefully striking a balance between:-

  1. The techie things which are hidden that your ICT simply wont work without.
  2. The brilliant technologies that really enhance the learning experiences of your pupils.


Let’s have a chat

I would love to visit your school and see the wonderful learning environment that you have nurtured, more importantly I always bring biscuits.

Your ICT just needs to work

I partner with amazing Head’s but have seen some terrible ICT installations, it’s not your fault, it’s often down to poor advice, slick salesmen and poor installation teams, just recently i have seen internal network cables stretched straight across a playground and equipment hanging by wires from the ceiling.

The only thing I personally care about is coming up with the most cost effective way of sorting your problems and then supporting them longer term, regardless of who supplied it. If it’s bad i will tell you, if it can be salvaged then we will do so, if it’s brilliant, lets keep it and build on it, thats what a true partner does.

I bet you, like me, hate it when companies don’t do what they say and much of my time is championing conversations with problem suppliers to get equipment fixed on your behalf.

If a member of staff has an ICT problem, you don’t want them banging on your door every day, I will personally speak to them and organise to sort their problem. The last thing you need is unhappy or unproductive staff members, relax you don’t have to worry about your ICT.


PrintemPSN is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee and owned by all our schools and Local Authorities, that help supply managed broadband connectivity, e-Safety and IT services to schools throughout the East Midlands. Established in 2000, emPSN was originally known as embc. emPSN successfully work with over 1,000 sites to provide a safe, secure and reliable network for schools pupils and staff to access the world wide web, the NEN (National Education Network) and a multitude of free resources including Audio Network, British Pathe and Listening Books, all without going out over the internet.

emPSN are TECKAL compliant, meaning schools do not need to go through a procurement process before becoming a member and using our services. emPSN can offer schools the price benefits of aggregation and they monitor the progress of all orders, provide updates to schools and deal with any enquiries.

emPSN and F1 Group have worked together since 2013. F1 Group are service providers on the emPSN network and catalogue offering a wide range of IT support services including internet and email filtering, anti-virus, and back-up and disaster recovery, to name just a few. F1 Group have access into the emPSN network and supply a large number of emPSN schools, mainly within Lincolnshire but also servicing schools in the rest of the East Midlands region.

To find out more specifically about emPSN and the work they do, please ask us or visit their website: To contact please email or call 01604 879869.


Thank you very much for all of the help that you provided with our core services switchover. Thanks to you your experience, your skills and professionalism, the Switchover has gone extremely well and I am very happy with the results.

Gavin McIntosh
ICT Systems Manager Branston Community Academy

F1 have always provided an excellent, friendly and efficient service. They are 'in touch' with the latest technologies and able to advise and support planning for the future. Nothing is ever an issue - there is always a solution.

Mike Schofield
Headteacher , Boston West Academy