You can move yourself to the cloud or we can do it for you

Paul Mason

Paul Mason, Walking you to the cloud step by step with his young assistant!

Hello, my name is Paul, Paul MasonĀ and I am personally responsible for helping businesses with Office 365. If you are looking to migrate, start fresh or just need help moving yourself I am your man. PS:- Ask me about a free trial.

About me

I am a family man with an amazing young daughter and often seen walking around Meadowhall because she loves window shopping and I live in Sheffield. In my limited spare time I enjoy running with a number of charity runs under my belt and like to work out at the gym.

7 Brilliant reasons to move your business to Office 365 in the cloud

1) Be more productive and be safe because you always get the latest feature rich, bug free and least hackable version of Microsoft Office

2) Work on Microsoft Office unhindered on every device you own including mobile phones and personal non-work computers because you get 5 licenses per user

3) Save money on your ICT Support costs by only requiring a desktop level support skill set and not expensive server technicians

4) Your information is safe and secure and is backed up every 12 hours for up to 30 days and it is recoverable yourself

5) Access your personal and company files simply from all your devices including mobile phones and automatically synchronise files locally so you can work on the train with no internet

6) Flexible monthly fee grows and shrinks as you need, ideal for projects where user numbers rapidly change

7) Trust your emails wont destroy your computer and save time trawling though SPAM with the best email protection system

You really need to get my free telephone consultation, I will share the must have industry insider information that Microsoft doesn’t tell you until you have moved…..