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Chris Pickles

Chris Pickles

Hi I’m Chris, Chris Pickles, I am the founder and chairman of F1Group with 20 years delivering ICT solutions.

About me

Entrepreneurial, business savvy with a passion in technology and results based digital marketing.

My constant strive is to be at the leading edge of technology
I hold the latest top Microsoft engineer qualifications with many network qualifications including Cisco
Strong systems based skills and many years leading and developing traditional and web based software solutions.

Have you the technical expertise to have a constructive board level discussion about your ICT?

I can give you the support, the ammunition and all the options allowing the board to make informed decisions.

Do you have the feeling that your key ICT staff are leading YOU by the nose?

Often Key ICT staff have the best intentions, but are often loyal to traditional comfortable approaches and don’t have the understanding of what’s new or coming around the corner.

Want your new IT plan explained and verified, by an experienced CTO?

I can give you peace of mind that a critical friend has confirmed that you’re on the right track, before you press the button to invest.

Critique your plans and give you the answers to the problems you never knew existed?

I can hit problems squarely on the head with your NEW powerful knowledge, preparing you for your ICT meetings.

I help you deliver and drive REAL benefits into your organisation, look at the available technology and how it actually helps make your organisation be more efficient and profitable.