In 2013 almost 2 million new people embraced the fastest way to make communication and collaboration quicker and more cost effective, why haven’t you?

A Revolution of Business Communication

You used to pay to send letters or faxes, then along came emails which revolutionised business written communication and were sent at no cost, a revolution happened and you now expect access to your emails on the move and at home.

You currently pay for calls and for employees to attend meetings across the country or even the world. Skype for Business is the game changer for communication, you can now instantly speak, collaborate, message and work with everybody regardless of their location and at no cost.
…and while your customers and suppliers catch up, it runs like a traditional telephone system too, welcome to Skype for Business Unified Communication.

Please be aware that Skype and Skype for Business are two different products and platforms, the similarity is that they are both now owned by Microsoft under one brand name.

Skype For Business

The most efficient and cost effective way to communicate with your staff, suppliers your customers regardless of location.


Chris Pickles

Chris Pickles Lync and Skype for Business specialist

Hi my name is Chris Pickles I help organisations fix existing problems or install new deployments and have experience in all sizes of organisations, complexity and user numbers.

I specialise in Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync, especially Phone System (Enterprise Voice) deployments, I am also certified by Microsoft as an industry technical trainer.

A true phone system replacement.

Everything you would expect in a decent phone system but that works regardless of your workers or your customers location. If your mobile worker doesn’t have internet at their location, it seamlessly falls back to standard old fashioned voice calls.

Standalone business phones and your internal extension numbers

  • Desktop Phones or Walkabout phones.
  • Through your current Mobile Phone (Apple, Android, Windows)
  • Wired or Wireless Headsets through your PC or Mac

Instant access to the people you work with and that’s not just staff…

If your customers or suppliers are using Lync or Office 365, you can connect with them as if they are on your internal systems, you can even share documents and desktops (if you want to) and see whether they are at their desk or not.

Phone Lines and Saving Costs…

With all users being treated like internal calls through the internet regardless of location your call savings could be astronomical. If it can’t connect through the internet it connects to your normal ISDN phone line.

You could take it to the next level and remove those expensive ISDN lines completely and utilise a cloud telephone exchange and yes you keep all your old numbers and extensions can be transferred with no downtime.


Business Phones on your desk

Stand alone phones on your desk




Seamlessly works on your Mobile Phone




Skype Client on your computer

No need to travel for meetings

Host your own meetings regardless of size or location, see your customer’s faces by using video conferencing, publish your documents or share the project on your screen in real time.

Give your external customers access to the meeting through their own web browser, without them investing in the technology or if your customer doesn’t have access to the internet, just use a special “Dial In” conference telephone number.

Instant Collaboration…

Have you ever needed assistance on that proposal or help from your internal IT staff, you can now share your screen instantly (with permission) and they can take control of your computer and make changes or show you how to do something.

Instant Message

To a certain age group, email is old fashioned and IM is king, but in business wouldn’t it be useful for your receptionist to let you know when your visitor has arrived whilst you are on the phone.

Why not instant Message your supplier or warehouse to check on availability and the current price of a product, whilst on the phone to your customer.

Your conversation even automatically saves in your Outlook email client so you have proof that the communication took place, just like an email.

And Lots of other things

Presence, Call Recording, Call Logging, Message Archiving, Answer Machine, Secure Communications, Instant Message Group Blogging etc.. you don’t have to implement everything at once, just what you need.

The Skype for business boardroom

The Skype for Business Smart Boardroom