I will show you the best path to take

Keith Langridge

Keith Langridge, a safe pair of hands for your cloud migrations.

Some of your ICT servers or services can be easily moved to the cloud others you move at your own peril. I understand what works and where maximum benefit can be achieved you’re in safe hands

Our projects range in size and complexity from small server or email migrations, to large scale cloud and hybrid migrations. Our relationship with Microsoft and other key vendors ensures that you only need deal with us for almost everything technology related.

My name is Keith Langridge, A safe pair of hands with 30 years ICT Service and Project Delivery, Please ring me today.

Less disruption with our unique migration process.

To ensure your smooth migration to the cloud we have developed our own Unique Migration Methodology which has three distinct and clear goals:

1) To minimise business interruption during your migration to the cloud

2) To ensure the appropriate level of security and risk mitigation on the target cloud platform

3) To minimise your costs while in the cloud

With our tried-and-test methodology it gives you piece of mind that your migration is in safe experienced hands.

Your ICT support can be resistive

Why would your ICT support ever think of transferring you to something that could reduce your spend and dependence on them?

We think differently, if a particular part of your ICT is right to move to the cloud and is cost effective, we will migrate it and then support it for you.

We did this for Hodgson Elkington with their email and calendars. We connected them to the cloud and then managed the rest of their systems on premise. We look after and support both elements and the brilliant thing is that user’s just don’t notice the difference.

Certain businesses can be moved completely to the Cloud, we did this for Unison in Lincolnshire managed entirely F1 Group Microsoft.

Some people just need training on Microsoft Cloud, we did this for Lincoln Universities ICT Team.